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The Young Israel of Greater Buffalo
105 Maple Road
Williamsville, New York 14221

FOR GPS: 105 Maple Road
Buffalo, New York 14221

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The Buffalo Vaad Hakashrus

website is up

The Amherst Eruv is up!

The Eruv, at about 20 miles around, is one of the larger eruvim in North America.

Click here to see the borders of the Eruv 

Those living in close proximity to any of the borders should speak to their Rav or to Rabbi Taub to know where they may walk. Please note that the hotels along Flint Rd are not yet in the Eruv; w
e hope to expand soon so as to include them. (The Residence Inn is in the Eruv). 

Baruchim HaBa'im !!

Thinking of moving to Buffalo? Going to school here? click here for information

Click here for a fact sheet on hotels, kosher food, etc., including map and directions

Tops at North Bailey has converted entire bakery to supervised kosher under the Va'ad Hakashrus of Buffalo.  Please check stamps on baked goods as well as signs at the store regarding dairy/pareve, pas yisroel/cholov yisroel, et al, status. Effective 03/25/09

The Young Israel of Greater Buffalo has brought Torah-true Judaism to Western New York and Buffalo for over 35 years. Our congregation is a diverse mix of native Buffalonians and transplants, FFBs and baalei t'shuvah.

Located on Maple Road in the northern suburb of Williamsville and minutes from the main campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo, we are a convenient stopping point for travelers from New York City and Toronto, especially during the summer months, when our proximity to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake is a big draw.

We are a growing community with much to be proud of: a beautiful building, our beloved and learned young Rabbi, and an atmosphere of friendship and community that larger congregations can't match.

In addition to our services, we have all of the amenities of a larger shul. We support three daily and Shabbat minyanim, evening classes for men and women, Shabbat classes during the long afternoons of spring and summer, and communal luncheons and other special programs for many of the holidays. See the Calendar page for daily davening times.

 Daf Yomi 45 minutes before Mincha

New video link: Rabbi Moshe Taub on Halachic Wills

Shabbos Shuva 5772 Isaac's Last Laugh


Orthodox Rabbi

CALENDAR: Davening Times--Minyan



Hotels and Motels near Shul

Vaad Hakashrus: Kosher food and caterers


Divrei Torah of Rabbi Moshe Taub

NCSY National Council Synagogue Youth in Buffalo

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